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Announcement: Quake III Arena Port Has Begun!

Posted by gregd1024 on December 30, 2007

Yup, I’ve officially started porting Quake 3 Arena to .NET! It will be using MC++ and compiled under Visual Studio 2008 (v9.0). Naturally, just like my Quake 2 port, I’m going to use the current MC++ CLR language not the old, soon to be obsolete, version.

As of today, I’ve got all of the Quake 3 codebase compiling with zero errors/warnings under native C (not C++) in VS 2008 Express Edition. The game runs perfectly too. 🙂 I even changed some weapon behavior and did a couple mods in the rendering engine.

I’m doing this port in Express Edition instead of Professional to ensure that it can also be used by programmers who have no reason to buy full blown Visual Studio (game modders, hobby programmers, etc.). I’ll be porting everything except the QVM generator and Q3ASM as this would involve writing an actual .NET compiler from scratch (in order to compile the new MC++ source to QVM files). However, you will still be able to write your own Quake 3 mods, it’s just that you’ll have to distribute DLL’s (or SO’s on Linux or Mac) instead of QVM’s.

-Greg Dolley


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