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FYI: OpenGL and 3D Graphics Programming Categories

Posted by gregd1024 on December 21, 2007

I was recently asked what things would go under the “OpenGL” category instead of “3D Graphics Programming” since OpenGL is used for 3D. That’s a good question, so here are the guidelines – if I write something that deals with using OpenGL for programming, it will go under the “3D Graphics Programming” category. If I write something concerning OpenGL in and of itself (i.e. OpenGL driver installs, OpenGL hardware support, etc.), it will go under the “OpenGL” category.

Update (1/9/2008): I’ve decided to change one of the rules. If there’s a post regarding 3D graphics programming and the program utilizes OpenGL, that post will be filed under both the “OpenGL” and “3D Graphics Programming” categories.

-Greg Dolley

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